SOLITECH is a production and development enterprise of new technologies. Beginnings of our company date back to 2003. The main area of our activity was custom software and electronics development. Over the time our offer has expanded and today we deal with electronics on a larger scale – from hardware and software development (both embedded and higher level) to contract assembly and supply with printed ciruits and components. Our production offer mainly focuses on smt assembly, however, we also offer comprehensive service, in which we handle all of the activities needed to manufacture an electronic product.


We put lots of effort to provide good quality in the production area and customer service. The quality control process in electronic assembly field is based on acceptance standards IPC-A-610E, whereas in printed circuits field - on acceptance standards IPC-A-600G. Each production batch is subjected to the detailed qualitative reasearch before a Customer receives it.


We care for the environment, therefore, dangerous waste is utilized. Almost 100% of our production is ROHS conform. We do our best to save natural resources - e.g. we develop energy saving devices.


We are distinguished by a partnership approach to our clients, we eagerly provide technical support. Therefore, we have created and we are still developing the KNOWLEDGE BASE, which provides essential information about electronic technology. Designing electronic devices on request is still the main part of our offer. In some cases we develop devices for our clients free of charge in exchange of production orders in the future.

Guided by the high service standards, we promise, that we will immediately answer to your inquiary and your order – no matter massive or small – will be executed with the highest quality and in the shortest time. So far many customers have trusted us - Polish and foreign - we hope that you will join them soon!