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Our assembly offer is addressed to companies and institutions, which are looking for a comprehensive service in the electronic production field. As a part of an order we can acomplish the following operations:

  1. initial, preparation actions
      • printed circuit boards (PCB) and components picking – including purchase of difficult to access components (e.g. integrated circuits (ICs), which came out of production)
      • manufacturing of a stencil for paste application

    (we prefer laser cut stencils because of their better quality)

  2. manufacturing activities
    • surface mounted assembly (SMD)
    • complementary through hole installation (THT)
    • optical inspection
    • packets painting
    • cabling assembly
    • mechanical installation, including adjustment of housing etc.
    • depenalisation
    • tagging / labeling
  3. start up and testing
    • software saving on microcontrollers and CPLD/FPGA systems
    • functional tests – including testers provided by Customers or designed and made by us
  4. advanced testing – needed in a limited number of cases
    • AOI test (Automatic Optical Inspection) – thanks to this test, the vast majority of assembly errors, which may be unobserved by imperfect human eye, is captured
    • X-RAY control(„roentgen”)– thanks to this verification we can control soldering quality in the areas, where AOI tester is not effective, e.g. short circuits can be verified / cold solders in BGA etc.
  5. others
    • washing
    • packing (antistatistic protection)

Technological capabilities of SMD assembly:

  • minimal size of discrete component 0402,
  • integrated circuits and connectors – minimal pitch 0.4mm,

We usually use the following materials to complete an order:

  • lead-free paste S3X48-M406-3(prod. Koki)
  • lead paste SS48-M955 (prod. Koki)
  • no-clean fluzes (prod. CYNEL, Koki)
  • tin Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 (prod. CYNEL)
  • laser cut steel templates , or where it is economically reasonable and does not impair assembly quality, chemically etched or laminated, drilled steel templates

Obviously, if a Customer requests, we can use other materials specified by them.

Approximated net price list of electronic assembly services

Service Price Comments
SMD production preparation From 150 PLN*
SMD assembly From 0,04 PLN* Per component 2-10 pins
THT assembly From 0,05 PLN* Za punkt lutowniczy
Shipment From 20 PLN Price depends on PCB size

*Price depends on project complexity and PCB size

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