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SOLITECH is a supplier of quality 1-, 2- and multilayerd printed circuit boards. Thanks to wide contacts with the local, European and Asian companies manufacturing PCBs – we can provide printed circuits of any technological parameters and in any batch size.

Quality control is based on acceptance standards IPC-A-600G. All boards are subjected to electrical control – for small orders it is performed on a finger tester, whereas for massive production custom made needle adapters are used to test boards on both sides at one time. We guarantee, that boards sold by us are without material defects (24 months warranty).

Technological parameters of rigid printed circuit board
Maximum number of copper layers 26
Maximum panel size 450x660mm
Dielectric material FR-4, F4B, CEM-1, CEM-3, Getek, Rogers (teflon)
Pads finish Gilding, HAL unleaded
Controlled impedance YES (in range +/- 10%)
PCB with aluminum backing YES (1- and 2-layer)
Blind via YES
Buried via YES
Flammability rating 94V-0


Minimum detail size on PCB (check with dimensional drawing)

Designation Description Standard performance Special performance
A Trace-trace distance
Trace-pad/via distance
Pad/via-pad/via distance
0.15mm / 6mil 0.075mm / 3mil
B Trace width 0.15mm / 6mil 0.075mm / 3mil
C Pad/via diameter 0.7mm / 28mil 0.35mm / 14mil
D Hole diameter 0.3mm / 12mil (drilled) 0.1mm / 4mil (laser)
E Copper ring thickness on via 0.2mm / 8mil 0.075mm / 3mil


Estimated net prices for standard board (FR4, 1.6mm, Cu 35um, HAL unleaded, soldermask on both sides, one side silk)

Order area [dm2] Price dm2
1-layer board 2-layer board 4-layer board
25<= A<50 23,94 PLN
(5,84 EUR)
27,08 PLN
(6,60 EUR)
47,82 PLN
(11,95 EUR)
50<= A<100 13,29 PLN
(3,23 EUR)
15,03 PLN
(3,66 EUR)
30,00 PLN
(7,50 EUR)
100<= A<200 9,78 PLN
(2,39 EUR)
11,81 PLN
(2,87 EUR)
22,69 PLN
(5,67 EUR)
200<= A<500 8,26 PLN
(2,01 EUR)
9,25 PLN
(2,56 EUR)
19,49 PLN
(4,87 EUR)
500<=A<1000 7,08 PLN
(1,72 EUR)
7,65 PLN
(1,86 EUR)
(3,72 EUR)
1000<=A 5,83 PLN
(1,42 EUR)
6,32 PLN
(1,56 EUR)
14,01 PLN
(3,50 EUR)
Preparation of film documentation
1-layer board 2-layer board 4-layer board
150 PLN 250 PLN 400 PLN

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