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If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail provided in Contact. Please include the following information:

  • quantity of order (number of boards to manufacture/assemble; number of components needed to buy etc.),
  • order range and its conditions, i.e. whether laminate assembly/components are entrusted or taken from our warehouse,
  • necessary project documantation; the format and types of documentation for each type of order have been detailed in our knowledge base in the article describing technical documentation. Attention! All production documentation concerning a board has to be sent to us at the inquiry stage. The offer valuation depends on that.


An offer is valid for 30 days. Due to currency fluctuations this period may be reduced to 7 days.

Prices given in an offer are net prices and VAT tax 23% will be added. For foreign Customers, who are registered as VAT-UE tax payers ( they need to have a valid registration number in the European tax VAT registration), we proccess invoices at the rate 0%.

IMPORTANT! Our production offer is calculated assuming that the material used to assembly will be tidily packed (on tapes, trays, in sticks, described in a way which enables clear identification; the quantity ought to be sufficient for the implementation of the entire order) and prodcution documentation is completed, clear and consistent with picking. If documentation or/and completion state prevents fast and immaculate order executions, we reserve the possibility of offer adjustment – in practise, we charge extra fee for time spend on analyzing incorrect documentation etc.

Implementation of orders

The order is carried out only after the order is placed by the Customer via e-mail.
Shipment of materials for assembly should be agreed with the SOLITECH’s employee in advance.

Execution deadline depends on the scope of the order.

  • assembly orders are implemented in standard 10 working days
  • PCBs orders – around 10 working days
  • complex orders (PCBs + components + assembly) – around 20 working days

Assembly orders can be performed within 4 to 5 working days for an additional fee of +50%, or even within 2 to 3 days for an additional fee +100%.

Payement coditions

Depending on the type of order we accept the following methods of payement:

  1. economic entity’s order:
    • customers with whom we will achieve a permanent high turnover – can expect elongated payement term (standard 14 days)
    • if an order requires commitement of significante funds (e.g. purchase of materials), charge of deposit may be needed of 50-100% (the rest in 14 days)
  2. private orders:
    • prepayement 100% (proforma)
    • payement on delivery

If it is your first order – we reserve the right for 100% prepayement regardless of the order type .

When delays in payement occur, penalty interests will be charged.

Complaints procedure

After receiving a product, Customer should make his visual inspection to determine whether a product meets his requirements – it ought to be done before the resale, installation or some other use.

Complaints, if possible, should be reported within 7 days from the indication , by e-mail, with detailed description of complaint. If it is necessary, photos with damage should be attached etc.

If You have any doubts concerning the package delivered by a courier, e.g. it looks damaged,You should open the package in the presence of courier. If the product is damaged, You should make a protocole with a description of the damage and the documantation has to be signed by the courier. It will be the evidence in the compensation claims process from the courier’s company.

Warranty and responsibility

We offer a 24 month-warranty for products and services which we sell.

SOLITECH’s company responsibility is limited to repairing defective goods, money refund or replacing the faulty goods to the new ones.
In particular, we are not responsible for losses connected with the delay of production such as downtimes, loss of profit and other indirect costs.

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