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One of the crutial elements of our offer is designing electronics on commission. We can boast of implemantation of many commissioned projects from telecommunications field, industrial automatics, biomedical engineering, high-frequency electronics. We provide service for Polish and foreign companies (especially Scandinavian).

We can boast of complicity of the following commissioned projects:

Depending on Customer needs we can handle a whole project, or take part in individual stages of projects, i.e.

  1. in determining device requirements,
  2. drawing a diagram,
  3. printed circuit board development,
  4. start up devices, including writing embbedded software and PC software,
  5. testing devices,
  6. in CE research,
  7. production implementation.

In some cases we offer great discounts on project service or even perform projects free of charge, on condition that the product designed by us is produced in our company.

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